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Dossel’s engineering supply the building industry with all types of construction industry bolts and brackets. If we can’t acquire them, we fabricate them for you. Bolts held in stock include:
• 8.8s Structural Galvanized Bolts
• 4.6 Galvanized Bolts
• 4.6 Cup Head Bolts
• 316 Stainless steel bolts, screws, wire rope & accessories
• Stainless Steel dynabolts
• Galvanized Trubolts
• Chemical Injection tubes
• Chemical Injection Anchors
• Safety Gear & Work boots
• Gas fittings, hoses & regulators
• Drill bits and Accessories
• Trailer parts
• Lanotec Products
• Gas camping equipment

We also hold Downee pipe and gate fittings, including gate hinges and accessories.

LP Gas Hot water systems are also available for our store.

Give us a call, you never know what we stock, and we may have that odd thing sitting here for you.